Is Sri Lanka losing skilled workers in construction?

Current problem of labour shortage

Construction industry in Sri Lanka is at its booming stage. While we are seeing a lot of new buildings gearing up within the city of Colombo with a lot of hope how the city will look in year 2020, do we actually see the problem beneath? Buildings requires a huge workforce. Who are willing to work at a minimum wage of 65 dollars per month? Which is just at the amount 10,000 Sri Lankan rupees.

Money talk in their simple video, talks about how the industry struggles in employment during the construction boom.

Are we taking the necessary actions?

We are a nation of high literacy rate; an increased percentage of highly skilled engineers pass out every year. Problem is that they are willing to work abroad for higher wages and get more exposure towards their skill rather than working towards their own country.  Therefore, the country is filled with an international workforce sent by foreign investment companies.

Government certainly has taken some initiatives but are we on the correct path to mitigate the problem? We at welkin constructions understand the importance of serving our country. Hence why we believe that giving back on what we have learned is important.

To achieve this objective, we have created a path where our labor workforce is paid reasonably along with assuring them with top quality health & safety measures to make sure that we get the optimum output from them. We believe in making a difference within the industry.

If you believe in the pride of our nation, and giving something back to the country contact us, a 100% local company with professional engineers to build your dream home.