Our expertise & Professionalism

Having gained experience through different national level projects, we have an excellent track record in completing projects on time with high quality. We have positioned ourselves mainly as an ideal solution for residential development projects. Our approach is to provide the complete project management service to our residential clientele and to outsource specific skill level service by civil engineers, mechanical engineers and architects to firms across any type of construction service. Our highly skilled team is highly professional, efficient and immensely polite. Our team make sure that we make our clients dream a reality by providing the fullest support.

Our standards

We understand the complexity within construction business and make sure we take adequate parameters to the control the multiple risks involved in day to day business by making sure we encourage greater collaboration and skillful management within the supply chain. We at Welkin will try to meet all the required legal requirements and prove compliance with our range of solutions including best practices within health & safety management, environmental protection standards etc.

Competitive pricing

Competitiveness of the construction industry in Sri Lanka brings out many challenges for companies. We have a thorough understanding about these challenges and has found an innovative solution to avoid project over-run. Hence all our savings through the supply chain is passed to our clientele and we are in a position to create incredible pricing solutions to our clients. We have understood the importance of creating packaged solutions for our clients and our main services are priced according to the client’s requirement.